Kyudo in Toronto
Seikyu Kai

Welcome to Seikyu Kai, where we offer the chance to learn Kyudo in Toronto, Canada. Our classes are open to all levels of experience, from beginners to experienced practitioners. Our instructors provide comprehensive training in the techniques and etiquette of Kyudo. Through our classes, workshops, and seminars, you will develop physical strength, mental focus, and spiritual awareness. Our community is supportive and inclusive, and we believe in creating a welcoming environment for everyone to learn and grow together.

We offer classes through the Martial Arts program at the Japanese Canadian Culture Centre. If you are new to Kyudo, we offer an Introductory course from time to time. Please contact the JCCC for more information. If you have previous Kyudo experience and want to continue your practice, please introduce yourself to us [EMAIL] . You may also observe our class during regular practice hours. Please contact us to arrange a date/time.

Whether you are looking to discover a new passion or to improve your existing skills, we welcome you to join Seikyu Kai in the practice of Kyudo in Toronto.