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2011 American Kyudo Seminar

This year's 2011 American Kyudo Seminar was held in Northfield, Minnesota and many Seikyu Kai members were fortunate enough to be in attendence. Members were honoured to be insturcted by masters in the art, practice their kyudo, and meet practioners from all over North and South America.

Some pictures have been uploaded to the Facebook group: Kyudo in Toronto

JCCC Newsletter Article - Kyudo Blossoms

Our very own Sarah Macapagal has written an article in the JCCC newsletter.
Hit up the articles section to read it in full.

Seikyu Kai 2010 News

Seikyu Kai is proud to announce the third introductory course to begin on December 4, 2010.

Seikyu Kai 2009 News

  • First introductory course (12-weeks) completes and regular class begins.
  • Second introductory course begins.

Seikyu Kai 2008 News

  • First Kyudo Workshop took place at the JCCC on July 19.
  • Second Kyudo Workshop held at the JCCC on August 9.
  • Introductory Kyudo Course begins on November 22