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Seikyu Kai Website version 1.0 is now online!

Welcome to the all-new website for Seikyu Kai, also known as the JCCC Kyudo Club in Toronto. Take some time to browse around our site and find out a little more about who we are and what we do. We have articles written by our members, the latest news about what's going on, and information about our past and upcoming events.

Special thanks to Aleem and Doug for developing and designing this site from scratch, and to Patrick for starting and managing the initiative to its completion.

Stay tuned for more features coming in the near future!

Next Introductory Kyudo Course Announced

Seikyu Kai is proud to announce the start our fourth Introductory Course. We've been getting an incredible amount of interest in kyudo and look forward to offering this course as often as we can.

Would you like to learn more?

JCCC Newsletter Article - JCCC Kyudo Seikyu Kai Excels Over the Summer

Raymond Levy (Sho-dan) has an article in this September's issue of the JCCC newsletter.
To read it, head over to the articles.

Seikyu Kai has an official logo!

Seikyu Kai held a competition to pick a new official logo for the club. Special thanks to Sole for collecting entries and organizing the voting. Many entries were submitted, but one stood out above the rest. Tomohito-san's play on the Kanji for Seikyu Kai, which also looks like an archer with a bow in hand and the sun representing Japan, was selected to be our club logo.

2011 Seikyu Kai Summer Seminar

Seikyu Kai will, once again, be hosting Renshi Go-dan Born Carly-Sensei with assistance from John Born-san (Yon-Dan) from the Minnesota Kyudo Renmei for a two day seminar over the Canada Day long weekend.