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Seikyu Kai and the JCCC Annual Bazaar

On Saturday May 5, members of Seikyu Kai got together to help run the Kids Corner during the JCCC's annual Bazaar. Kids took part in the fun and games that included "Origami Jumping Frog", "Beans & Chopsticks", "Fish Pond", and Face Painting.

Big thanks to all the members who volunteered their time and to Mos and Rinko for planning and organizing everything.

Seikyu Kai Kyudo Demonstartion at JCCC Sakura Ball

Seikyu Kai had the honour of demonstrating Kyudo at the JCCC's annual Sakura Ball. The event's guest of honour, George Takei (of TV and movies Star Trek), along with all the guests were invited to watch the demonstrations of taihai and short distance shooting.

We would like to thank the JCCC for the opportunity to show the beauty of the art to Mr. Takei and all the guests of this year's Sakura Ball.

Kyudo Takes Root at Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre

Haruka Chiba's article for the JCCC newsletter has been republished on the Discover Nikkei website.

This article is a combination of Haruka's two articles that appear here. "Kyudo Takes Root at the JCCC - Beginnings" and "Kyudo Takes Root at the JCCC - Looking Forward".

Seikyu Kai takes 3rd place in Gingerbread House Contest

On Sunday, December 11, the JCCC held its first Winter Family Festival. Volunteer members of Seikyu Kai gathered together the day before to assemble the award-winning gingerbread house creation of a full kyudo dojo! The wonderous (and yummy) house contained the shajo, matoba, yamichi, and yatori-michi.

A big thank you to all the volunteers: Rinko F., Karen, Tane, Sarah, Rinko N., Aleem, and Ray O. Special thanks go to Mos for baking all the gingerbread (and yummy extras) and to Chris for organizing and purchasing all the other ingredients and candy.

2012 American Kyudo Seminar Announced

  • Location: UC Davis, in Davis, CA.
  • Dates: Aug 12-17, 2012
  • Schedule: Aug 12 setup day, Aug 13-16 senior seminar, Aug 14-16 general seminar, Aug 17 test day