Seikyu Kai

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Class Information

Entrance to the Seikyu Kai dojo


Saturdays from 11:30am - 2:00pm.


Regular class is held in the wood floor dojo of the JCCC
When entering through the front doors, proceed straight and pass the registration desk, gift shop, and eatery. The dojos are on the left side. Benches and chairs are provided for observers.


Contact the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
6 Garamond Court
Toronto, ON M3C 1Z5
tel: 416.441.2345
fax: 416.441.2347

Yumi (bows)

Kyudo Equipment

The JCCC kyudo class provides all equipment necessary to start the practice of kyudo. Among the available equipment are: yumiYumi (bows), yaYa (arrow), kakeKake and gomu-yumi of various sizes. Students are allowed to use the JCCC's equipment during their first year of regular class. If students wish to pursue kyudo beyond their first year, they are encouraged to purchase their own equipment.

Makiwara stands

Stands and Holders

Stands for our yumi and makiwaraMakiwara stands, holders for yaYatate and tsuru-makiTsuru-maki holder were constructed and generously donated by Minoru Tanaka.

View of mato (targets) during kinteki practice

Kinteki Setup

Engineering designs for the setup, purchase and construction of our kinteki setup were provided by Minoru Tanaka with the help from the members of Seikyu Kai. A manual was also created to guide any individuals through the setup and take down, and included safety tips.