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JCCC Kyudo Blossoms

In Japan the symbol of the Sakura has become synonymous with the start of things to come. The small pink buds sweep through the Japanese islands, blossoming into pink flowers swaying in the cool spring breeze. Seikyu Kai too has begun to blossom and grow in recent months. In the later half of 2010 we welcomed four new members to the regular class and three new instructors, all of whom are ranked kyudoka. In early December, a new 20-member introductory kyudo class began.

Over the past few months we have congratulated one of our members on receiving Ikkyu, participated in the Asian Cultural Festival, Haru Matsuri, did a demonstration at the Ontario Japanese Language Speech Contest, and have been featured in the OMNI program Wai Wai Wide. Our head instructor, Mie Takahashi (Go-dan), trained with her sensei in Japan for two weeks, enabling her to bring recent developments to our group.

As the Sakura blossoms are fleeting, however, so is the time that some of our members have had with us. In January we bade farewell, in true kyudo ceremonial style to Gabriel Meier who returned to Switzerland and to our instructor Takeshi Uchida (Yon-dan) who returned to Japan. Each member of the regular class performed taihai and sent our warmest regards and strength to those who were leaving us. Then, in true Japanese style, we sent them off with an enkai. Kampai!

With the end of Sakura season comes the knowledge that summer is just around the corner and the streets will be filled with the yukata clad youth fishing for goldfish at a matsuri and the sky will sparkle with hanabi. Likewise, Seikyu Kai is gearing up to host a KAC seminar in July, and some of our members will take the ranking test at the American Kyudo Federation seminar in Minnesota in August. Step-up and ganbarimashou!

Originally appeared in the April 2011 JCCC Newsletter

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